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Hi, I’m Gregg

I am slowly traveling the world as a full-time nomad, creating content about life. Sometimes I think I am figuring things out, kinda. I enjoy traveling, trying new things, smiling and creating smiles, napping in the afternoon, eating treats after dinner, and sipping espresso outside.

What’s inside

I create content about figuring out ways to enjoy a healthy, happy, and more meaningful life. Topics often include slow living, minimalism, intentional living, mental and physical wellness, and opinion and views on society and culture. 

These are my main content areas:

  • Podcasts - audio conversations that informally cover topics.

  • Articles - blog posts on topics that aim to inform and entertain.

  • Videos - specifically curated videos from my YouTube channel.

  • Chat - where we can start conversations with each other.

  • Resources - including guides, workbooks, courses, and ebooks.

  • Archives - a complete list of everything I do on my website.

Become a subscriber

Fundamentally, I make my living as a content creator through the subscription revenue of Gregg Blogs.

The subscription model is the perfect (and most transparent) way to make an income as a content creator and aligns with my morals.

First, it is free to subscribe. Second, if you like what you see, you can upgrade to a paid subscription and digest the premium content. If you enjoy the content, you continue to pay. If you stop enjoying the content, you stop paying. It is simple, fair, and transparent. I like that. 

I write new free and premium content each week. No matter your subscriber level, there is always fresh content to enjoy!

There are two types of subscriptions to choose from; free and paid.

Free Subscriptions

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Paid Subscriptions

Paid subscribers have access to the following:

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Stuff about me

I am a full-time digital nomad who slow travels the world living out of one carry-on bag. Not too long ago, I had some health issues, but I started living more deliberately and focused on improving my wellness. You can read about that here, but now that I have my health back, I am making the most of my life.

Here’s what I stand for

The best way to get to know me is to know what I stand for, which is the following in no particular order:

  • I choose to live slowly in a world that seems to reward speed.

  • I may not be the most talented, but I am passionate about what I do, which I value immeasurably.

  • I will make time each day for the things that truly matter to me.

  • I am too busy trying to improve myself that I do not have time to judge others.

  • I seek meaning and depth in things and then take the time to understand and appreciate them.

  • I will take the time necessary to do something well and be ok if I do not finish everything today.

  • I am committed to being me in an appearance-focused society, no matter what that may look like.

  • I make wellness a priority each day and nourish the needs of my mind and body.

  • I am grateful for what I have and where I am, embrace contentment, and gently plan the future.

  • I am generous and kind, and I help others because that is what a person I want to become would do.

It is essential, I believe, to learn who we are and who we want to be and then own that. The best way to acknowledge that is by writing it down and sharing it.

Here’s a little more about me

Here are some things you may not know about me unless we hung out:

  • I travel and live abroad because it saves me money.

  • I was born in New Jersey in ’68 (Exit 9, LOL).

  • I love to go freshwater fishing, but not saltwater.

  • I quit smoking in January 2018.

  • I can absolutely crush a box of corn flakes with milk.

  • I quit drinking in September 2007.

  • I lost 75 pounds in 12 months (and kept it off).

  • I went to my first college on a football scholarship.

  • I failed out of my first college after 5 semesters.

  • I am a nerd about traveling with just one carry-on bag.

  • I graduated from my second college with honors (3.79).

  • I was V.P. of Marketing in my last corporate job.

  • I want to retire someday in a cabin on the water with a wife and a dog.

Hmm. Let me noodle this for a bit, and I’ll add more later...

Closing thoughts

I am grateful to create content about ways to enjoy a healthy, happy, and more meaningful life, and I hope you subscribe and join my journey.

However, I appreciate your consideration and support regardless of your subscription level. Thank you so much; it means the world to me.

Thanks for reading.



Gregg Zambrovitz
I am a full-time slow traveler creating content about slow living, minimalism, and intentional living. I enjoy new experiences, napping in the afternoon, eating treats after dinner, and sipping espresso outside.